Bad Credit Isn’t the End

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your credit is in rough shape. At One Fat Frog, we understand that things happen. And most importantly One Fat Frog understands that entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Sometimes taking a risk means putting your credit on the line. A large percentage of businesses fail – that’s the economy we live in. If you risked your credit rating and it didn’t turn out well, One Fat Frog can help you get financed for your new venture.

Even if you have terrible credit, One Fat Frog wants to help. One Fat Frog is the only restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with an in-house finance manager. He will do everything possible to help you get approved and the ball rolling. Also on staff is someone who will sit down advise on everything from floor plans to specific equipment to licenses. One visit to the One Fat Frog office in Orlando can kick-start your future in restaurant ownership, no matter what shape your credit is in.

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