The High Cost of a Liquor License

Earlier today, a night club owner came into the One Fat Frog location in Orlando looking to sell some used kitchen equipment. He explained how he’s converting his full-service kitchen to accommodate a larger bar.

Converting to a full bar means a higher degree of liquor license. This could cost about the same as a mortgage. One of One Fat Frog’s seasoned salesmen explained to me that it could cost about $250,000 to buy a full license.

Owning a bar/night club is a hard life for an entrepreneur – especially when you’re just starting out. Long, overnight hours, giving up vacations, working weekends, and constantly dealing with a rowdy clientele are only some of the hardships facing owners.

At ONE FAT FROG, we do our best to help making start up businesses a little less painful. One Fat Frog has an in-house finance manager that’ll bust his hump to get you approved. Also on staff is someone who can advise you on everything from floor plans to licenses to suggestions on specific equipment.

Come by our location or call us for more info!

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