6 Upsell Items for Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream is a staple of summer snacks. I’ve even eaten soft serve ice cream as a meal several times. Hey, if you through some banana slices and nuts on there, that’s a well-rounded meal in my book.

Here are some great ideas for products to make sure you get the most out of your soft serve ice cream machine. Be sure you stock up on spoons first.

Dipped Cones: it’s like a regular cone, only it’s dipped in hot fudge. EVERYTHING is better when it’s dipped in hot fudge. Especially vegetables.

Cookie Sandwiches: Simply take two large cookies, apply a layer of soft serve between them and you have your own ice cream sandwich. Roll the ice cream edges in chips or sprinkles for extra goodness.

Parfaits: people like these because they taste good AND sound fancy. The French word “parfait” means “perfect.” Perfect! Fill a tall glass with soft serve ice cream and top it off with whip cream, fresh fruit, or even liquor. I suggest liquor.

Banana Splits: A classic! Fill a bowl with soft serve ice cream, place one or two or seven bananas on top, apply whip cream, hot fudge, and anything else the customer would like.

Sundaes: This title can be applied to a lot of creations, but basically it’s soft serve ice cream in a glass, topped off with tons of goodies. Keep it traditional with a cherry on top.

Brownie Bowls: Adding soft, gushing brownies to any soft serve dish is a great way to overwhelm the customer with amazingness.

So there you have it, froggies. Plenty of ideas to satisfy customers and the business.

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