Fridge & Freezer Master Control Systems

Electronic control panels are pretty standard on commercial coolers and freezers nowadays. But what do they do? Let’s have a look:

Control board functions and diagnostics are accessed through a simple button panel display on the front of commercial coolers and freezers. Most of the time, an optional remote panel display is also available. Electronic control panels allow a higher degree of precision over conventional methods when adjusting defrost and temperature settings. This control panel also saves energy because it only defrosts when necessary. Most electronic control panels come with common industry and defrost presets already programmed into the board. Once you hook up the electrical supply you’re good to go!

Commonly, refrigeration systems are preset to defrost at certain times during the day regardless of the amount of frost buildup on the evaporator. Frost accumulation isn’t always consistent though. Nowadays, most standard control panels on commercial coolers and freezers can determine when defrosting is required.

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