Tips for Proper Holiday Food Preparation

Here are some important safety tips brought to you by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA). One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment hopes you have a happy and safe holiday season with friends and family!

They state that whole roasted meats including turkey or beef should be cooked to temperature, held at temperature, and cooled properly to ensure minimal growth  of pathogens. If serving frozen roasts, such as beef or frozen poultry, be sure that it is defrosted carefully under refrigeration and to follow all safe thawing techniques. There are several ways to thaw including under hot water or in the microwave.

If you’re a restaurant that includes a holiday buffet, be sure that all requirement for time and temperature controls are monitored and that signage for common allergens are posted clearly for the public. Also make sure your sneeze guards are installed properly!

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