Radiant and Contact Toasting

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Sanford currently has two used commercial toasters in its showroom. Both models are manufactured by Prince Castle, a high end toaster brand. These toasters both use a method of toasting called “contact toasting.” There is another method called “radiant toasting.” Here’s a look at the differences:

Radiant toasting is the method of heating bread products through infrared radiant heat in order to remove moisture. This dries the bread out, leading to a crunchy, more traditional toast. Radiant toasting is a fast process as well.

Contact toasting heats bread products through direct contact with a heated surface.This method results in warm, carmelized toast without drying out the bread. This method coats the product, giving it a crispy outside and a soft inside.

These used Prince Castle Slim Line toasters can toast the product in a time range of 12-40 seconds. They include strong motors and are easy to clean and maintain. Come by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Sanford and check them out!

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