Used Cheesemelters Available

Cheesemelters are great for finishing off certain dishes such as subs and pasta as well as great for melting cheese on top of food. Commonly, cheesemelters are standard features on commercial double range ovens, bu you can also purchase a stand-alone, counter top cheesemelter. Here’s more information on commercial cheesemelters.

The front, back, and sides of cheesemelters are constructed of stainless steel. Range mounted cheesemelters usually come with a stainless steel backsplash. Cheesemelters put out a small amount of BTUs, usually 15,000 coming from infra-red burners. These are commonly individually controlled.

Heat is directed downward to effectively hit the top of the food. Chrome-plated racks inside the cheesemelter are usually adjust to three different positions. A standard on most cheesemelters is a pressure regulators.

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