Things to Consider When Shopping for Hotel Restaurant Equipment

One of the busiest kitchens in the restaurant industry can be that of a hotel. Besides offering a regular restaurant environment on the ground floor, hotels also commonly offer 24/7 room service and catering. With all of this in mind, it’s important to think about the specific restaurant equipment in hotels. They need to stand up differently than restaurant equipment in bars or delis. Here’s some more information on hotel restaurant equipment.

Hotel restaurant equipment is in use 24/7 and 36 days a year, typically for all dayparts. With this in mind, hotels can’t afford to have restaurant equipment that is in frequent need of maintenance and repair. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can help you find restaurant equipment that is super reliable and technician tested! Because restaurant equipment is in such frequent use in hotels, not only for restaurant patrons, but also for room service and catering, it needs to be able to handle heavy and constant use.

Speed is another important factor in hotel restaurant equipment. Restaurant equipment that can help enhance speed of service and reduce labor is ideal for hotel restaurant operations. For exampe, combi-ovens provide timed cooking that frees up staff to perform other tasks in the kitchen.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a giant warehouse full of used, refurbished commercial restaurant equipment perfect for hotel restaurants, including used Alto-Shaam combi-therm ovens, large prep tables, convection ovens, and much much more! Come by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today!

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