Picking the Proper Deck Oven for Your Pizzeria

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has several used items available perfect for pizzerias. One of the staples of contemporary pizzerias is a deck oven. Deck ovens have no motor and create natural convection using baffle systems. Commonly, they offer higher BTUs than convection ovens. When picking the proper deck oven there are certain things to keep in mind.

• Consider the volume to determine size. Calculate how many pizzas your operations will produce per hour before determining the appropriate size deck oven. Also keep in mind that the higher the deck height, the less heat it retains.

• What type of pizza will be produced? This is very important when it comes to pizza dough. Freshly made, par-baked, and frozen dough require different models of deck ovens.

• Ensure the availability of adequate utilities. Most deck ovens are gas operated, so there should be an adequate supply available for your deck oven.

Whether you’re just opening a pizzeria or looking to upgrade your existing pizzeria, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out the selection of used and new deck ovens! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers easy financing, package, and quick cash deals! Come by today!

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