Prep Table Maintenance; 72″ and 60″ Now Available!

If you have a used refrigerated prep table, proper maintenance and cleaning is required to ensure it is working properly and so that you get the most out of the refrigerated prep table. Just like with any piece of used commercial restaurant equipment like a used ice machine or a used range oven, if you take care of your used refrigerated prep table it will take care of you. Here are some quick and easy steps that should be repeated every 90 to 60 days to ensure that your refrigerated prep table is maintained properly.

Check and clean the condenser coil. Use a brush and/or compressed air at 70psi to remove any dust and dirt. If necessary, clean with a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Check and clean the evaporator drain pan. The drain pan can collect food and debris, which can end up clogging the drain lines and allowing mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. Look for standing water in the drain pan – this is a sure fire sign you have clogged the drain line. Also to clean and check: the interior, the door gaskets, loose handles, screws, covers, and wires.

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