Condenser Coil Maintenance

Chances are you have a piece of commercial restaurant equipment in your establishment that sports condenser coils in some way. What restaurant doesn’t have at least one or two commercial coolers or freezers in their kitchen? If the condenser coils on these units aren’t running properly, you could lose a lot of product easily. It is important to make sure that your condenser coils are clean and not being intruded by foreign objects. Here are some quick tips for maintaining condenser coils.

It is recommended that you use a nylon bristle brushes that will not harm the delicate aluminum fins found on most cooling and refrigeration units. Damage done to the fins can cause the restriction of air. Low-powered air compressors also can help remove dirt and dust from the refrigeration or cooling unit’s fins.

Try to observe what kind of work goes on around the cooling or refrigeration unit. Also, attach filter media to catch debris before it can clog coils. Be sure to consistently clean the seals, gaskets, and hinges to avoid failure. An easy way to test your door seal and hinge is to place a dollar bill between the seal and door frame. If you can pull the dollar bill free, it’s time to replace the seal adjust door hardware.

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