Rotisserie Maintenance Tips

Having a rotisserie in your restaurant is an excellent and efficient way to batch cook some of your menu’s most popular items. This can save you precious time during your busiest hours and give you a kitchen full of gracious cooks. In order to keep your rotisserie in proper working order, it’s important to keep the rotisserie clean and free of excess grease. Below are some easy cleaning steps that should be done daily to ensure that your rotisserie is working properly.

Clean the glass doors by wiping them down. Clean the inside of the glass doors after foods are removed, using a damp cloth or towel. Wiping the glass doors prevents grease from hardening after successive cooking cycles. Wrap the central shaft of a rotisserie with aluminum foil to prevent it coating with grease from the rotating food. Frequently empty the drip pans during the work day to prevent serious grease build-up. Allow the oven to cool down until it is warm enough to touch before starting any cleaning.

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