Tips for Picking the Proper Fryer for Your Restaurant

When picking out the right fryer for your restaurant, it’s important to keep in mind the kind of food product you’ll be using the fryers for. You don’t want to find yourself with a fryer that isn’t able to handle the load your trying to cook and you don’t want to be over-frying a measly chicken wing in a massive pressure fryer. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment carries a large selection of used and new fryers at their Orlando warehouse. The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment staff can help you pick out the perfect fryer for your restaurant! Here are some things to keep in mind:

Gas fryers are geared toward high-volume frozen, fresh, and wet breaded products, high-production peak demands and large loads. Gas open=pot fryers are more suited to operations preparing fresh and frozen breaded products and handling high-production peak demands and small to large loads, but these operations should also consider electric fryers. Flat-bottom fryers work best with foods that float, such as tempura foods, such as fish. Pressure fryers should be used with high-volume, large-cut, bone-in chicken.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers quick cash and package deals on the entire stock of used commercial restaurant equipment, including fryers. If needed, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get you financed for all of the commercial restaurant equipment you need, also, including fryers. No matter what shape your credit is in, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get you approved! So if you’re in the market for a new or used fryer, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today!

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