Cleaning & Maintaining Your Range Oven

Once you purchase the perfect commercial range oven for your restaurant from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, it’s crucial to keep it maintained and clean. This is a fairly simple process as long as you do it consistently and push your employees to do so as well. The working life of your commercial range oven depends entirely on how well you maintain it and clean it. Here’s are some essential things to remember when maintaining and cleaning your commercial range oven.

Keeping burners clean and free from food debris helps maintain range efficiency. Gas and air mixtures need to be balanced. Staff can clean ordinary grime using soap, water, and a cloth. They can also use a sponge or fiber brush. To clean baked-on food, staff should use a scouring pad or stainless steel wool to rub on a paste made of water and ammonia, magnesium oxide, powdered pumice or French chalk. Cleaning with wire brushes, files, and steel scraper should be avoided.

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