Autodoner Vertical Broilers (Gyro Machines) Now Available

Now available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are three used Autodoner Vertical Broilers. These are perfect for gyros and shawarmas and available at a seriously low price right now at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment!

Autodoner vertical broilers use the exact ratio of heat intensity and revolutions per minute to insure that meat product is prepared with the outside crisp and a juicy, dripping inside. This allows the meat product to undergo a minimum amount of shrinkage, allowing you more servings per pound. And every Seinfeld fan out there knows how lousy shrinkage can be! Autodoner vertical broiler’s smooth stainless steel construction provides quick and easy clean up.

Autodoner vertical broilers were designed with a fully adjustable skewer to give you total control over broiling. The stainless steel heat shields on an Autodoner vertical broiler concentrate the heat on the meat, away from the operator, allowing for faster cooking and energy savings, which we can all agree is awesome. The automatic slip clutch on an Autodoner vertical broiler automatically stops rotation during broiling for quick and easy carving.

So if you’re in the market for an Autodoner Vertical Broiler, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. All of the Autodoner Vertical Broilers available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are technician tested, clean, refurbished, and tested again. The Autodoner Vertical Charbroilers come with 30 day parts and labor warranties and depending on where you are located, the delivery is free. Come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out our selection of used Autodoner Vertical Broilers (gyro machines!).

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