Info on Dual Technology Ovens

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is not just Florida’s largest dealer of high-volume commercial restaurant equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is also a fantastic resource for restaurant equipment technology information. Below are some notes on dual technology ovens – a technology that revolutionized restaurant equipment and brings a whole new dimension of versatility to the game.

Dual technology ovens offer either impingement heating, high-speed vectored air or a combination of impingement, microwave, and radiant heat. Commonly, most dual technology ovens feature a single-shelf in the cooking cavity. I love that term, “cooking cavity.” Dual technology ovens incorporate microwave energy to heat food, thermal energy to heat the air and assist the radiant energy in browning and crisping the food. All are fairly similar small and compact and are typically speed-cook ovens. Most dual technology ovens allow for the selection of multiple set point temperatures. They can cook a wide variety of foods, and most can cook to convectional quality standards.

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