Structural Concepts Encore Gelato Refrigerated Case

This One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment guide/FAQ (frequently asked questions) covers the Structural Concepts that make a full line of Encore Gelato Refrigerated Cases for commercial installations – coffee shop, ice creamery, gourmet food store. This FAQ will share the factory specifications of the Encore Gelato Case.

  • What kind of Refrigeration System does the Structural Concepts have?
    • These units feature a breeze refrigeration system
  • What about lights on the top of the Encore Gelato Refrigerated Case?
    • These cases have (2) shatter resistant top lights
  • What about the front glass that Structural Concepts uses?
    • They feature a tempered lift-up front glass for ease of cleaning
  • How many rows of sign channel does the Gelato Case have?
    • The Encore series has (2) rows of sign channel in front of pans
    • Great for flavors and the shop that makes their own ice cream and gelato.
  • What materials does the Encore case have?
    • Structural Concepts uses Stainless Steel parts for the
      • interior
      • lower front panel
      • rear ledge
  • What is the average product temp?
    • The Encore cases operate at 2 degrees Fahrenheit
  • What kind of frame do these refrigerated cases have?
    • They are constructed using a welded steel tube frame with levelers
  • Is the Encore Case foam insulated?  Yes!
    • Structural Concepts uses a foam-in-place insulated tub
    • fully accessible for refrigeration service and cleaning
  • What kind of power cord comes with the Encore Gelato Case?
    • These units use a standard 6 foot power cord
  • Any other specifications I should know about the Structural Concepts Encore Gelato Refrigerated Cases?
    • NSF 7 – ETL sanitation conformed to

Pictured here is the
Structural Concepts Encore Gelato
Refrigerated Case model number G24F.

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for providing this set of frequently asked questions as well as the specifications for the Encore G24F.  Visit them at our massive location:

2416 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809

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