True GDM-45 Refrigerator Specs

Dairy Cooler

We currently have several True GDM-45 coolers and freezers available. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these units, here are some specifications to help you plan the space and power necessities you’ll need.

Dimensions: 78.25 inches tall, 51 inches wide, and 29.5 inches deep

Doors: 2 Glass sliding

Compressor Information: Located at the bottom, 10.2 amps, 60 hertz, 115 volts

Other information: 45 cubic feet, single phase, 8 shelves, 33-38 degrees Fahrenheit inside

With this information, you can plan for what you’ll need as far as power needs will be, what you can store in the unit, and how much floor space you’ll need for the unit.

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