Beginning Bar Equipment

When you are looking to start a bar, there are a few basic pieces of equipment that you’ll need to begin your business. This list is for the basic items, but you are welcome to add other pieces depending on your bar’s concept and theme.

-Kegerators: a kegerator could be a stand-alone unit that holds a small number of beer kegs with a similar number of taps, or you could install taps into a wall and have the hoses go through the wall and into a walk-in refrigerator with more kegs.

-Bottle coolers: bottle coolers can keep many bottles cool, and with them right under the bar, they are easy to reach into and serve from.

-Three compartment sink: glasses in bars are typically washed better by hand, so a three compartment sink is necessary for quickly cleaning bar glasses. An extra space on the side so glasses can dry is also useful.

-Walk-in refrigerator or freezer: depending on how much inventory you plan to have, you may need a large space to keep your products cold and ready to serve.

-Bar stools: having a bar lined with bar stools is the ideal scenario for any bar.

-Ice machine: you will go through a lot of ice, so having an ice machine will be incredibly useful.

As stated before, you can get more or less than this list, or you can get different items depending on your theme and space limitations. You should also be aware that we have several used items of everything on this list, so you can find exactly what you need at a great price. We also offer financing options, a 30 day parts and labor warranty on all used equipment, and free delivery to most of the state of Florida, including Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, the Space Coast, Tampa, and more. We also offer free gas conversion, free custom cutting boards, and free custom paint jobs.

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