Spec Sheet: Southbend 4601DD-2GR

Southbend 6-Burner

For the serious commercial kitchen, we currently have a used Southbend 4601DD-2GR unit. This single unit boasts several components, and below is the specifications of this unit so you can properly see if your kitchen can use this unit.

-Size Specs: 59.5 inches tall, 60.75 inches wide, 34 inches deep

-Main Features:
–Six burner range: 175 degrees minimum, 33,000 BTU
–24″ flat griddle: 48,000 BTU
–Double oven: two racks per side, 14″x26″x26.5″ inside, maximum temperature 550 degrees, 45,000 BTU

-Power: Gas

-Other features: Snap action thermostat, heat resistant door handles, six-inch high legs (adjustable), 860 pounds

This unit is great for a multitasking chef, allowing him or her to cook several dishes on several units without moving around the kitchen. We also offer financing options, a 30 day parts and labor warranty on all used equipment, and free delivery to most of Florida. We also offer other free services, including gas conversion, custom paint jobs, and custom cutting boards.

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