The Basics of Tilt Kettles

Groen Tilt Kettle

We have a huge warehouse full of great pieces of used restaurant equipment, including a variety of tilt kettles from top brands like Vulcan, Cleveland, and Groen. While each specific piece has its own difference from the others, here are the basics of what a tilt kettle can offer.

These are decided to make large amounts of soups and sauces. The feature a steam jacket that will provide an even heat inside the kettle. The tilting action makes for easy pouring, so moving the soup or sauce from the kettle to another container is much simpler.

The primary advantage of tilt kettles is that require much less supervision than putting a large pot on a burner. They can also range in a variety of sizes, so getting a tilt kettle that fits your restaurant will be easy to eventually find. Again, while each brand may have its own different features, this is just a quick run-through of what a tilt kettle is used for and is capable of.

For more information on what tilt kettles we currently have available, please give us a call. Also, don’t forget that we offer financing options, a 30 day parts and labor warranty on our used equipment, as well as several free services including delivery to most of the state, gas conversion, custom paint jobs, and custom cutting boards.

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