Spec Sheet: Groen TDB-720 Tilt Kettle

We have a huge warehouse with many great pieces of used restaurant equipment available. Among our inventory is a used Groen TDB-720 tilt kettle. Tilt kettles can be used to make soups and sauces in large batches and the tilting action is best for emptying the contents into other containers and for cleaning. Here are some specifications of the Groen TDB-720 tilt kettle for your consideration:

-Dimensions: 23.75 inches wide, 17.75 inches deep, 21.25 inches tall

-Kettle capacity: 20 quarts

-Powered by electricity

-Can reach nearly 300 degrees Fahrenheit; has thermostatic control that shuts off heating apparatus when a desired temperature is reached

-Made of strong and durable stainless steel

This unit is perfect for making large patches of soups and sauces, and you can easily get this unit or any other tilt kettle we have available by giving us a call.

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