Used Alto-Shaam Holding Cabinets Available

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have the great luck of getting some great pieces of used restaurant equipment in our warehouse. Recently, we got a pair of used Alto-Shaam holding cabinets in our warehouse.

Alto-Shaam started as a company to help deliver hot food to people in the cold Midwest. Since then, they have grown to a leader in a unique area of the restaurant equipment industry. Alto-Shaam has products that are capable of holding food at a serving temperature without drying out the food or losing flavor. This lets restaurants cook ahead of time and hold on to their food for as long as they need it.

Holding cabinets, like the products that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment got today, will keep food hot and ready to serve straight out of an oven. When you’re done cooking something in your oven, place it in one of these holding cabinets and they will stay hot and, more importantly, flavorful so it can be served when needed.

Best of all, these holding cabinets have already been tested and they are ready to go. Your business can come in, get your holding cabinet, and get the your business rolling.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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