Types of Refrigeration Units

Everyone knows that restaurants need refrigerators. The question is what kinds of refrigerators are available and what kind of businesses are they used for. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of refrigerators.

-Undercounter: fits underneath a counter, saving floor space. They can range width from 24 inches up to 70 inches if necessary. These will work for a smaller food operation.

-Worktop: similar to undercounter units, these have a top that can be used to support other equipment or as a prep area. They range in similar sizes as undercounter units as well.

-Reach-in: tall units that one must reach into to take out food and product. This is the most common type of refrigeration unit, and they can also vary in size. Since this is the most common type of unit, most restaurants will have these for a variety of sized operations.

-Walk-in: when a business is high volume, they need a lot of product. A walk-in gives the room needed to store that food properly. These are essentially large walk-in closets for food, and can be as large as needed for the business.

These types of refrigeration could be refrigerators, freezers, or coolers, and the size of the business determines what kind will be needed. We have nearly 100 used units available now of refrigerators, freezers, and coolers in just about every type mentioned above, so if your restaurant is in need of one, give us a call.

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