Quick Rundown of a Refrigerated Prep Table

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we are lucky to get a lot of great used and occasionally new equipment. We recently had several used and some new prep tables arrive to our warehouse. These come from top brands like True, Beverage Air, and Delfield. Here is a basic breakdown of what you’ll get from a refrigerated prep table.

-Prep tables vary in sizes from 27 inches all the way up to nearly 100 inches.

-They come with a refrigerator underneath to store your products.

-They can hold several pans to hold lots of ingredients, and the larger the prep table, the more you can hold.

-Sandwich prep tables tend to be smaller in width while pizza prep tables tend to be larger in width. The other difference can be in the depth of the cutting board surface. Pizza prep tables tend to be deeper to work on a pizza.

-The size of the prep table your business will need depends on the type of business you have.

The prep table is where everything starts, and in some businesses (like Subway, Jimmy John’s, and other sandwich or deli businesses), the prep table IS the business. We have several quality prep tables available, and if you want a great deal on your prep table, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has it.

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