The Basics of a Fryer

Here at One Fat Frog, we want to offer you as much information as possible to help you find the equipment you need, and when you’re looking for quality used equipment, we have a whole warehouse full of great pieces. One important piece of many restaurant operations of all kinds is a fryer. For those entirely new to the cooking business, a fryer uses heated oil to cook foods. While fries, onion rings, and calamari are probably the most recognized fried foods, there are many more foods that can be dropped in a fryer, and fried food is also a unique area of innovative cooking where some have even fried Twinkies and candy bars.

If you’re looking to add a fryer to your kitchen, here is some important information for you to know:
-Fryers are heated in one of two ways: either electric or gas. If you have a gas hookup, that helps, but most buildings don’t have a gas hookup, and they can be expensive to put in.
-Fryers are made of stainless steel and the basket is made of steel as well.
-Most fryers have thermostatic controls so you can control the temperature of the oil in the fryer. You can also use different types of oil, such as vegetable or peanut oil.
-Another nice feature (which only some fryers have) is an internal filtration system. This keeps the oil fresh and requires less changes of the oil.
-You’ll also need a dump station as well. When you take the food basket out of the oil, you put the food in the dump station so the excess oil can drain.
-Consider that fryer oil needs to time to reheat after something gets fried. Newer fryers have updated quick recovery abilities, which is good. Also, consider your capacity; if you have a heavy fry load, you’ll need a high capacity fryer.

We have lots of fryers available at One Fat Frog, including the item pictures above from Frymaster that includes three banks, an attached dump station, and an internal filtration system, and it’s heated by gas. Give us a call to learn more about this or any other products we have available.

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