Basics of Restaurant Seating

We at One Fat Frog try to help with all sorts of elements of running your restaurant. One of the most commonly forgotten areas is seating for your restaurant. Here are some basic types of seating that you can choose from for your restaurant:

Standard Tables and Chairs:
There are lots of advantages to doing classic rectangular or circular tables with chairs around them. The obvious is they are classic. Most of us have memories of sitting around a dining room table at home, and if a restaurant runs properly and creates a great experience, it can bring that “just like home” feel. It is also easy to plan and arrange these types of tables and chairs in most sized spaces.

High top tables and stools:
While these are popular in a bar setting, they can be for almost any setting. The obvious drawback is they are higher than the typical table and chair, which means it can be harder for one to get on and off the stool. However, the higher seating arrangement can let the customer relax more as they have a chance to just sit and be served.

Booths are more common in smaller restaurants as large tables and chairs take up room in the small dining area. Booths are good for close seating. Of course, most can remember the time where you have to ask the person next to them to move so they can get up to use the restroom. This is something to consider for a comfortable dining experience.

We at One Fat Frog have more than just ovens and refrigerators. We also have several different styles of tables, chairs, stools, and booths. We welcome you to come down to our warehouse or give us a call to see the options available to you, and see how you can give your customers a relaxing place to enjoy a meal.

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