How Cook and Hold Technology Can Help Your Restaurant

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment prides itself as a company that provides as much aid to you, our customer, as possible. We obviously have a lot of used equipment available, and we hope to help you understand how to use this equipment to help you. When it comes to dealing with high-volume restaurant atmospheres or small kitchen staff situations, cook-and-hold technology can help your restaurant stay on track without falling behind.

Cook-and-hold technology was originally started by Alto-Shaam. The company was founded by Jerry Maahs in the 1950s when he needed to deliver food through cold Wisconsin winters. Now, many companies also create similar products that have the same purpose: this technology allows food to be cooked early in the day and kept at serving temperature without drying out so it can be served at any point. Here are some examples:

Winston Cook and Hold

The above item is a used Winston cook and hold oven. This, and similar items, cooks food and then can hold it until serving is ready.

Henny Penny Holding Cabinet

This used Henny Penny holding cabinet (which is also on sale) is not used to cook food, but you can take food cooked in any other oven, stove, or other cooking apparatus, and hold it at the proper temperature until it is ready to be served.

This process of cooking and holding is especially useful in the situations mentioned earlier because the small kitchen staff or the busy kitchen because food can be prepared and cooked at any point in the day and then held until it needs to be served. For example, in a single-person kitchen, meats like ham or roast beef can be cooked early and held until it’s time to be sliced to make hot sandwiches.

If you’d like to know how to get these items shown or any other cook and hold products we might have available, please give us a call and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

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