Different Types of Ovens

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is committed, as our regular readers know, to finding you and your business the best used equipment for your restaurant. We offer equipment that is used for storing, preparing, cooking, and serving in your restaurant, and it’s something in which we take a lot of pride. Since we have such a variety of equipment, this post is to discuss several types of ovens that are possible for your business to use, several of which we currently have.

-Conventional: a conventional oven is the most common and would be found as part of a range. This is most similar to your home kitchen’s oven, but there are commercial grade ovens like this as well.

-Convection: a convection oven uses a fan to circulate air, and it tends to cook quicker. We have several of these currently available.

-Conveyor: this use a conveyor belt to move food through the oven and can most commonly be used for pizzas or sandwiches. The speed of the belt determines how cooked something gets, so the faster it moves, the quicker it goes through the oven. We have some models available of this type as well.

-Rotary: this can be the size of a small room, so it’s best used for very large operations, like a university union, that is expecting to feed in the thousands. It can be used for smaller operations at the same time, depending on the size of the unit.

-Combination: this oven can be a bit more expensive (unless you get a used model from us), but it can do several functions in one unit, such as oven and steamer, so it saves you from having multiple units with different functions.

-Speed-cooking: Turbo Chef makes great ovens like this (and we have some models available). You can set programs of different settings, and they cook incredibly fast, almost as much as 12 times faster than a conventional oven.

How do you choose the right type of oven for your business? It depends on your business and menu. If you’re a pizzeria, you may go with a conveyor oven; if you have a bakery, a convection oven may be the best decision. We can help you figure out the best use for your business and help you find the right oven you need, plus offer you financing options, a 30 day parts and labor warranty, and free services, including delivery to most of Florida and gas conversion. Give us a call to learn more!

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