Spec Sheet: Lowe Brio 130 Hot Display Case

Lowe BRIO Hot Display

We at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are always getting great pieces of used equipment into our warehouse. It’s a gift and a curse right now; we are getting ready to move to a new facility, so we want to quickly send items out as best as we can. One item that just arrived is a used Lowe Brio 130 hot display case. Here are the specifications of this item:

Dimensions: 52.75 inches wide, 29.5 inches deep, 56.5 inches high

Power needs: 1 phase, 115 volts

Other features: temperature range 140-176 degrees Fahrenheit, rear sliding glass doors, anti-mist glass, electronically controlled and easy to clean

This item, like others that have recently come in, is available now. And we still offer our financing options, our 30 day parts and labor warranty, and our free services including delivery to most of Florida. And to add even more perks, we have great deals available because we want to empty the warehouse and get ready to move to the new location.

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