Spec Sheet: Vulcan “Snorkel” Convection Ovens

Vulcan Snorkel Convection Oven

In a previous post, you can learn the reasons why convection ovens are quite popular, which is why we at One Fat Frog want to find the best deals on convection ovens and pass them along. Right now, we have a used Vulcan “Snorkel” convection oven available in our warehouse. Here are the specifications for this item:

-Dimensions: 34 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and 40 inches high

-Heating: Natural gas, 60,000 BTU/hr, temperature range of 150-500 degrees Fahrenheit

-Electricity (to power the fans and ignition): 115 volts

-Other features: Solid-state, deluxe controls, stainless steel construction, double pane windows

This item, like all others in our warehouse, can be purchased with financing options, a 30 day parts and labor warranty for used equipment, plus other free services like delivery to most of Florida and gas conversion. And remember, we’re offering amazing deals because we’re moving to a new facility in just a couple of months, so you can get this for a great price.

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