Restaurant Set-up: The Floor Plan

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to help you find the used equipment you need to get your restaurant moving. Of course, it’s up to you to arrange and run your restaurant in an efficient and responsible way. When you’re arranging your restaurant’s floor plan, you want to make sure it’s good for your employees as well as costumers to move around easily. The following tips may be used more specifically used for a new building, but they can be used in an existing building as well. Here are some tips of how to arrange your floor plan:

-When you are looking for a place to put the host desk, the entrance is best suited in the corner of the room. This allows you to have less “bad” tables (tables by high traffic areas) and gives the host or hostess a good view of the room.

-If your restaurant has a bar, position it along a wall. If you put it in the middle of the room, it cuts down on traffic patterns, making it harder to move around. If it’s against the wall, it’s much easier to work around it.

-When you have a service entrance, you want to make sure it goes straight to the kitchen and not in the dining room. That way, you can open the back door to your kitchen, let deliveries come in or employees to go out that door and not interfere with customers.

-Also, place the restrooms in the corner. This is obvious; restaurants are where people eat, and they don’t want to sit by a restroom while having a meal.

These are some basic ideas, but of course, you can find other ways of being creative depending on your concept. Once your restaurant is laid out, you can come by One Fat Frog and get the used equipment you need for your business.

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