The Rational CM101G Combi Oven

We have a variety of used equipment available at One Fat Frog for just about every type of restaurant operation. With a busy kitchen, having a singular oven that can cook a variety of items can be the make-or-break item to help your restaurant’s cooking operation work well. We have an item that is quite good at handling that variety: a used Rational CM101G combi oven. For those who forget, a combi (or combination) oven means it can do multiple oven operations in a single unit. Here are the specifications of this oven, and hopefully this will assist in a decision to purchase it.

-Dimensions: 33.35 inches wide, 30.35 inches deep, 41 inches high

-Heating: Gas

-ClimaPlus is the exclusive climate control by Rational inside of the cooking cabinet. The unit has internal sensors that measure humidity and make adjustments to aim for the right temperature and the best cooking results.

-The Rational has programmable controls that are easy to use and especially good for a restaurant with several items that must be cooked. This unit allows you to create 50 different programs, each with six steps, for your restaurant’s menu.

This Rational CM101G combi oven is perfect for high volume and variety. The various programs allow you to cook nearly anything in this oven, and the ClimaPlus system makes sure that cooking is always done the right way. To learn more about this unit as well as other types of equipment in our warehouse, feel free to give One Fat Frog a call. And don’t forget to ask about our financing options, our 30 day parts and labor warranty, and free delivery to most of Florida, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Ocala, Gainesville, St. Augustine, and many other areas. Also, don’t forget we have other free services including gas conversion, custom paint jobs, and custom cutting boards.

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