Bakery Equipment List

One Fat Frog tries our hardest to help all kinds of food service businesses get the used equipment they need. If you currently own or are interested in starting a bakery, here is the equipment you will need to start your business:

-To start, you need to be able to keep your supplies properly stored, and that is especially important for cold items. That means you will need a refrigerator and a freezer first and foremost.

-Now you need the equipment to prepare each item. For this, you’ll need a large table for setting up several trays plus a large sized mixer for high volume mixing. You’ll also need tray racks.

-Once your items are prepared, they need to be baked. The primary baking tool will be an oven, but you may also use a stove on some items. As far as ovens, most of the time, a conventional oven should be fine, but bakeries also may go with a convection oven as they cook faster and it would be easier for a high volume bakery to bake a lot.

The great thing about this whole list is that most, or all, of this equipment can be found within the walls of our warehouse. So come down and take advantage of our amazing inventory, plus our financing options, our 30 day parts and labor warranty, and free services including delivery to most of Florida, gas conversion, custom paint jobs on any piece of equipment, and custom cutting boards for prep tables.

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