Restaurant Marketing Basics

When your restaurant opens or is about to open, you need to make sure you have a marketing plan in mind so your community knows you’re around. There are a few basic strategies you can use at the beginning:

-Flyers: these can be put on community bulletins boards, put on doors of homes, windshields of cars in parking lots, or just mailed out. They can include a menu, some basic information, or even some coupons.

-Promotions: the obvious promotion a happy hour for drinks or a unique deal for meals; other ideas include events such as trivia or open mic nights.

-Free Samples: even today, many restauranteurs will put together a sampling of their best dishes and go out into their community; if they like what they taste, they’ll be back next time and paying for it.

-Social Media: creating a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, or even getting on Urbanspoon or Groupon are ways to help get people familiar with your business and interested to check it out.

Over time, you’ll find out about more unique and original ideas for marketing, but these ideas are simple, relatively inexpensive, and a good way to start off your promotional games. Good luck.

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