Menu Basics

When designing a menu, there are several factors that you must keep in mind:

-First, consider your chef’s experience and the size of your kitchen.

-Keep your menu basic; if you have a small kitchen, keep the menu items short.

-When setting your prices, take the cost of a menu item (including all of the ingredients), and multiply it by four. That should be your menu price.

-A “loss leader” is a menu item that you know will lose money if ordered, but should prompt customers to buy drinks or other items. Having one or two on your menu is alright, but don’t have too many of them.

-Consider upcharges on certain things, like adding cheese to a burger.

-When designing the actual physical menu, keep it simple, and make sure your high-profit items are highlighted.

-At least once a year, consider adding or removing items from your menu, especially if you’re not selling something.

Putting together the menu is the first thing your customer sees after sitting down, so keep that in mind when you’re making the menu in your restaurant.

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