New off the truck: General Meat Slicer GSE 110

General slicerThe One Fat Frog delivery struck just dropped off a bunch of goodies for us. One such treat is a brand new General meat slicer. If you love slicing up some meat, whether you run a deli, café, or you just bring sandwiches to work every day and love for them to be fresh sliced (is this Frog the only one like that?), this General meat slicer could be what you need.

This General meat slicer is model number GSE 110. What that means to you is that it’s a 10-inch slicer. That makes it medium in size, since General also offers a 9-inch slicer (GSE 109) and a 12-inch slicer (GSE 112). The slicer’s stated size is determined by the size of the blade, meaning this General GSE 110 slicer has a 10-inch blade.

The General GSE 110 is a 120-volt slicer, just like all of their slicers. That gives you plenty of power for your slicing without using up too much electricity. This commercial meat slicer is made for light to medium amounts of slicing; if you are a high-volume deli that always has long lines of people waiting for their meat, you might want to get the GSE 112 instead. The meat slicer used a patented belt and pulley system to give it maximum torque, which allows the blade to smoothly cut through that meat. When it comes to meat cutting, smooth is exactly what you want.

The General meat slicer’s overall size is 19” wide x 15.5” diameter x 14” high. The slicer weighs in at 44 lbs.

“Okay, Mister Frog, all of that is fine, but how does it cut?” I’m guessing that question was running through your mind. Here’s how it cuts. The maximum capacity load for the meat slicer is 8” x 6.5”. As for the size of the slices, it can do anything from tiny, microscopic shavings up to 7/16”.

If you get as excited about cutting meat as Peyton Manning does (“Cut that meat! Cut that meat!”), you’re probably drooling right about now. If not, hopefully you at least realize that this is a quality meat slicer that can service your slicing needs. If you’re not sure, stop by the One Fat Frog showroom and check it out in person.

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