We have a nice Grab N Go Cooler

Grab-N-GoOne Fat Frog has a nice used Grab N Go cooler for sale. What’s a Grab N Go, you ask? Well, other people might call it a Grab & Go or a Grab And Go cooler. They are also sometimes called open air merchandisers, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

Whatever you call it, it is a refrigerated display cooler that is meant to entice customers to grab something off of it and buy it. It’s basically a cooler for impulse items for people to buy while they are waiting at a store or restaurant.

You see Grab N Go coolers most often at the supermarket. While waiting in line at the deli while they slice your meat, you’ll see a Grab N Go cooler that whispers to you “hey, why don’t you buy some iced tea while you’re waiting? Hey, would you like some banana pudding? Maybe a fruit cocktail?” A different version of a Grab N Go Cooler is found at virtually every checkout line at the grocery store, stocked with cold soda. Sure, you could have bought soda for cheaper from the soda aisle, but now that you’re in line, that cold, overpriced drink sure looks good….

And that’s the point of the Grab N Go cooler. It grabs the attention of the customer, making them grab the product you’re selling and then go buy it. Sandwich shops and other small restaurants do great work with these coolers as well.

This is a Kysor Warren Grab N Go cooler. It’s rounded and its dimensions are 52” x 45” x 58”. Right about now you might be thinking, “wow, that thing is really yellow. I don’t think I want a yellow cooler. It’s too bright and doesn’t fit my restaurant’s color scheme.” Hey now, no need to worry about that. One Fat Frog will repaint the cooler for free. Want it in blue? We’ll paint it blue. Want it purple with lots of flowers? Sure, we’ll do that. Want it black with skulls and crossbones? One Fat Frog would recommend against that custom paint job, but if you want it we will paint it for you. Come by our new warehouse at 2416 Sand Lake Road and check it out.