Randell refrigerated prep table

IMG_0692One Fat Frog has some good refrigerated prep tables that you need to know about. The prep tables are made by Randell, a quality manufacturer who has been making this kind of thing since 1975. The prep tables are 84” and have three cabinet doors. These particular prep tables, of which we have two in stock, are model number 9050K-7M. The model is officially called a Saladtop Refrigerated Prep Table, but don’t let the word “salad” fool you. You can prep basically anything you want; not just salad. In fact, this particular prep table is probably most often used in sandwich shops and delis.

The prep table has a raised condiment bar for you to store all the toppings and condiments you want to add to the food you’re prepping. It has a recessed pan ledge. The top, cover, front, and doors of this prep table are stainless steel, with the interior made of aluminum. All of the doors, cabinets and pans are refrigerated to keep your food nice and cool. With all of the tabletop space and interior storage space, this model is considered a “high volume” prep table.

The cooling system in this refrigerated prep table keeps your food cold without worrying about it freezing. The cooling system basically just sends a flow of cold air over the food from front to back. The low velocity of the cooling system helps avoid food damage or freezing. The lack of a rear exhaust also means the prep table cools more efficiently and requires less space in your restaurant. These prep tables are highly versatile. If you want to add small appliances, such as toasters, microwaves or a small conveyor oven to the table top, go right ahead!

The Randell refrigerated prep table is 84” long x 33” deep. The refrigerant is CFC free. Like all used restaurant equipment, this is part of our big Spooktacular Sale that is going on right now. If you spend $5,000 on used equipment, One Fat Frog will give you a free new slicer. If you spend $10,000 on used equipment, the Frog will give you a free new fryer. If you spend $15,000 on used equipment, you get to go home with a new flat screen TV. If that sounds good to you, stop by our new warehouse and showroom at 2416 Sand Lake Road in Orlando.