Buy this new American Range flat griddle

griddleToday One Fat Frog’s featured item is a new piece of equipment by American Range. This American Range flat griddle, model number ARMG-24, is a valuable addition to the Frog’s 100,000-square-foot warehouse. It’s a great versatile griddle that allows you to cook quickly and efficiently while taking up little space in our kitchen.

One of the great things about flat griddles as opposed to conventional grills is that it cooks over the entire surface and you can do a lot of different kinds of cooking at the same time, such as cooking chicken while boiling water for rice. Because the entire surface is heated, the food also cooks more evenly. They’re a whole lot easier to clean than those grill grates, too, I can assure you.

Okay, so we call know that flat griddles in general are great, but what about this American Range griddle? First of all, American Range is one of the top manufacturers of griddles for a reason: they make a great quality product. This flat griddle has a 24” deep cooking surface and the exterior is stainless steel. The griddle plates are ¾” thick. There is a very handy grease trough leading into a grease pan, which helps with cleanup and also helps make your food healthier. Underneath the griddle plate are two U-shaped burners that heat the cooking surface.

This particular griddle is one of the smallest that American Range has, with a 12” version being their smallest. If you want a larger griddle and have the room, they go all the way up to 72” in size. One Fat Frog has a large stock of griddles in all sizes so we can accommodate your griddle needs, whatever they are.