Used Hickory Rotisserie For Sale

RotisserieThere is nothing quite like a slow-cooked rotisserie chicken. The tenderness of the meat, the way the seasoning is absorbed as it cooks, it just can’t be beat. Right now One Fat Frog has a great rotisserie oven for sale. It’s a used double stack rotisserie from Hickory and in a word, it’s amazing.

This Hickory rotisserie oven give you maximum cooking ability while taking up a minimum amount of space, thanks to its double stack design and skinny stature. The oven takes up only 8 square feet of floor space but allows you to cook up to 50 chickens at once. This oven uses self-basting spits, so you don’t need to keep opening the door to do the basting yourself. Instead, load up the chicken, turn on the rotisserie, and go do something else for the next hour. It’s that simple.

Probably the greatest feature is that the two cooking compartments operate independently. You can have one set to cook while the other warms, you can have both cook, or you can have both warm. That kind of versatility comes in handy, especially if you have a small kitchen without much equipment. While cooking, it also serves as a great merchandiser, because who can see that delicious chicken cooking on the rotisserie and not order one? I keep saying chicken, but you can cook so much more than birds in this thing. It cooks using either spits or baskets.

The Hickory rotisserie oven uses timers to avoid overcooking. It cooks using infa-red heat and convection. The temperature goes up to 500 degrees F. Interior lights make sure that the rotating delicious food is always well displayed to its maximum mouth-watering effectiveness. It includes stainless steel drip pans that are easy to clean.

If you’re in the market for a rotisserie, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409. If this unit is too large, we also have a similar rotisserie available in a counter-top model.