Master Bilt Ice Cream Dipping Case for Sale

Master_Bilt_Dipping_CaseWhen I was a kid, one of the great pleasures in life was getting to go to the local ice cream shop, where I could walk down the dipping case, checking out the plethora of flavor options, and then decide what I wanted to eat. It was usually some combination that wasn’t standard – a scoop of this, a scoop of that. Actually, I shouldn’t say “when I was a kid,” because it’s still one of my life’s greatest pleasures. Maybe I need a more pleasurable life.

Anyway, One Fat Frog has a few used ice cream dipping cases for sale. They are from Master Bilt, one of the top brands in the dipping case industry (trust me, it’s true). These white dipping cases are 48” x 28” deep x 50” high. They can display 8 cans (standard 3 gallon cans) of ice cream plus another 4 in storage.

This Master Bilt ice cream dipping case has a flat glass lid and removable frost shields. That frost shield is your best friend because it makes frost collect on the surface of that shield rather than inside the dipping case. And if there’s one thing I know about ice cream, it’s that frost is not its best friend.

This ice cream dipping case also features a viewing window made of tempered plate glass. It has a convenient floor drain. It also has lid wiper gaskets to the top and side. It basically has everything except the ice cream itself, which you will have to provide.

Having one of these dipping cases doesn’t guarantee happiness, but I know there will be a lot of happy kids (and adults) in your ice cream shop. In this life, I guess that’s the closest you get to a guarantee.