Used Pass-Through Pizza Oven From APW Wyott

conveyor-ovenOne Fat Frog just got a cool used conveyor oven in stock and we’re excited about this piece of restaurant equipment. This baby is an APW Wyott, model number X*WAV*EZ 1829. We’re selling it at a price ridiculously below value. Seriously, if you come in, look at this conveyor oven and ask the salesperson how much we’re charging, you’ll probably laugh and assume it’s a joke. I would print the price here but again, you would think we’re pranking you. We’re not. We wouldn’t do that. Actually, we might, because we love practical jokes, but we’re not in this case.

One of the things that makes this pass-through conveyor oven so great is its versatility. You probably look at it and think “that’s a nice pizza oven.” But it’s so much more than a pizza oven. You can cook flatbread, bagels, pretzels, subs, pasta, steak, and so much more on this conveyor oven. This oven’s conveyor system makes sure the food is cooked evenly, and its ceramic heat system is 31% more efficient than the standard quartz system.

This conveyor oven is high tech, with 99 programmable menu options. The conveyor speed can be set as slowly as for a 12-minute pass or as quickly as in 30 seconds. High temperature insulation is used to keep the exterior ool to the touch, reducing the risk of those awful accidental burns.

As for the oven’s specifications, I can tell you that it is 50.5 inches long (including the conveyor), 28 inches wide, and 18 inches high. The exteriors are made of 18 gauge stainless steel and the conveyor is non-corrosive steel. If you’re in the market for a conveyor oven, this is a great oven at a great deal. If you’re not familiar with APW Wyott, it may be a funny name but they’re one of the top brands for these ovens. Stop by the One Fat Frog warehouse and check it out in person.

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