Hobart Commercial Dishwasher For Sale

dishwasherIf you’re like most of the people we meet at One Fat Frog, you love to cook, but you hate doing dishes. That’s why the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions in history. In fact, I think we should start using the phrase “greatest thing since the dishwasher” rather than “greatest thing since sliced bread.” While a dishwasher makes things a lot more pleasant at home, it’s even more important for your restaurant. Back in the day, when everything had to be washed by hand, that meant a lot of time wasted on cleanup and a lot of money wasted on payroll for dishwashers. Though you will never completely eliminate hand dishwashing, One Fat Frog has one of the top models in commercial dishwashers that can make your restaurant’s cleanup much more effective and efficient.

This right here is a Hobart C44A dishwasher. If you don’t know this already, Hobart is the gold standard when it comes to commercial dishwashers (and if you didn’t know that, it’s okay; we can’t all be restaurant equipment experts). The Hobart C44A is a heavy-duty dishwasher that can wash 202 racks per hour. It is a pass-through dishwasher that uses a conveyor system. It is made of stainless steel, has an automatic timer, anti-clogging wash arms, and a self-draining pump and impeller. The automatic timer means the dishwasher requires less manual operation. The dishwasher automatically starts when a rack is placed on the conveyor and then automatically stops when the last rack passes through. This Hobart dishwasher is efficient and can take care of the dishwashing needs of even the busiest restaurant. It is a used model so you will save a lot of money by buying from the Frog.