Product Spotlight: Asber AEF-4050

Fryer 2
The beauty of the fryers, thanks to of one of our writers’ Canon EOS 6D.

We had a lot of equipment come in this week, and it’s time to introduce one of the newest members of the family: The Asber AEF-4050 gas fryer.

The special thing about this fryer is that it’s unbelievably versatile. It has an oil capacity from 40 to 50 lbs while still retaining a single-well layout–yet it can still accommodate two baskets (above). And how much heat recovery does it have? 114,000 BTUs. Now that may sound like much, but when you have to fry on a near-constant basis, you need that kind of power to make things crisp.

But the relative power isn’t really the only cool thing about this thing. The fryer’s vessel is all stainless-steel, so that tub will definitely take a beating–and it has to when the thermostat range is from 200 degrees to 425 degrees (here’s a guide on oils if you wonder why it’s important). And the access floor, where you access the safety switch, is double-plated for extra durability.

Even though it is only 22 inches wide, it is a bit heavier than other fryers (at 305 pounds). But this fryer is a workhorse fryer. This fryer won’t mess around, and neither will we…when it comes to discounts.

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