Product Spotlight: Baker’s Pride 24″ Charbroiler

bake's pride charbroiler

Never does a 24″ charbroiler has that much power.

With this Baker’s Pride L-24R radiant charbroiler, you have 90,000 BTUs of heat recovery under your disposal. That means more time to cook your meats, chicken, poultry, and seafood and more time to serve your patrons great food.

So what makes this charbroiler different than most charbroilers? That this specific charbroiler has actually one less burner. What this means is that while most charbroilers of this size have four burners and little less than 60,000 BTUs, this Baker’s Pride unit can go up to 108,000 BTUs. Incredible.

But don’t just get this unit alone. Add this piece of restaurant equipment to your list so you can qualify for packaged discounts. Since this charbroiler needs to be placed under a hood, you might as well get a hood from us anyway (plus we provide install and permit, and we are licensed to do so). In fact, we even provide and install & permit new walkins.

In any case, if you have your hearts set on this unit or any of our equipment from our 100,000 square-foot facility (which includes are food truck / food trailer division), go ahead and give us a visit!

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