Product Spotlight: True T-35F


Some people would say that if you think a one door freezer is too small and a three door freezer is too big, then you would get a two door. But sometimes, even a two door is too big. Something even smaller but that’s not too big for refrigeration? It exists. And a True T-35F is a perfect example.

35 cu. ft. might not sound much at first but it makes a difference

Having 35 cubic feet of space (thus the T-35F) inside a freezer might not sound much. But even a different of a couple cubic feet of space can make a lot of difference. Why? Because in average, a cubic feet of space can accommodate around 35 pounds of food. So does it mean that this T-35F can hold 1,225 pounds of food? Not completely necessarily. But it at least illustrates how every space can count.

Having two doors, no matter how small, is crucial for organization

While on first glance it makes more sense to get a one door, a two door is ultimately better on the long run.

A potential problem of having a one door refrigeration unit is that it’s hard to get organized. Typically on a single door commercial refrigerator, it comes with three shelves. But with this, you not only have two doors, but you also have six shelves to store from. This means for example you can have one section for meats and one section for vegetables. Very tidy.

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