Why having an electric range is worth it after all


Let’s not beat around the bush. Almost every range you see inside a restaurant kitchen is a gas range. However that doesn’t mean that the commercial electric range doesn’t exist (in fact it’s more popular than one might think). Here are a few reasons why it might be worth it to have an electric range for your restaurant.

Electric elements are significantly easier to clean than gas grates

Perhaps the greatest advantage to having an electric range is that unlike gas grates, an electric range’s burner elements are sealed. This means you don’t have to worry about heavy grates, or the gunk on, around, and underneath that you have to worry about all the time.

While this does not sound much, the time you spend cleaning (which depends on how much you cook with your range inside your commercial range per shift) can greatly affect other restaurant matters such as prep times, breakfast/lunch/dinner hours, cleaning material costs, and morale.

The installation is (generally) easier

Having commercial restaurant equipment professionally installed can be a hassle, especially the larger the equipment. Another advantage why an electric range might be worth it is because installation is less of a hassle. In essence (and this Frog is only saying in the most broadly general way possible), you’ll probably just need an electrician to sort out what plug you’ll need on that range and, odds are, you’ll be good to go. Simple as that.

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