The Three Temperatures You Should Know For Restaurant Service

Usually, we’re used to four temperature points, in Fahrenheit: 0 degrees (freezing point for water), 72 degrees (room temperature), 98.6 degrees (body temperature), and 212 degrees (boiling point for water). But when you enter the world of restaurants, the amount of temperatures you have to keep in mind are increased almost exponentially. Here are a… Read More

What Would Be in the Food Truck of the Future?

While the number of food concepts are possibly endless, the physical looks of food trucks are remarkably similar. Your typical food truck might be typically boxy, with a front fascia reminiscent of the food truck. But as cars become more fuel efficient and as cooking technologies continue to get more advanced, it’s time to take a look at… Read More

Why Outfitting Your Home Kitchen With Restaurant Equipment Is A Bad Idea

It can be very tempting, turning your home kitchen to a head chef’s office space. But too often, people try to turn it to a dream and end up realizing that it’s a waste of money. Here are a few reasons why home kitchens usually don’t mix well with commercial restaurant equipment. One good reason… Read More

The Montreal Protocol Will Change The World of Refrigeration Sooner Than You Think

Refrigerants are probably one of the last things most people think about when they’re talking about restaurant equipment (the only exception is when their car’s A/C is out). But as 2014 grows to a coming close, the upcoming changes in the world of refrigerants grows more relevant. It all began with the Montreal Protocol in… Read More

Five Things to Know About Walk-In Freezers & Coolers

So you might have recently found out about One Fat Frog doing a quick-ship program for walk-in fridges and walk-in freezers. But unlike your run-of-the mill fridges and freezers, walk-in units are a completely different story. It’s not like your 48-inch reach-in where it’s just a matter of whether you want this fridge or not.… Read More