Preventative Tips for Walk-In Units

There are dozens of types of coolers, refrigerators, and freezers for restaurants, each of which One Fat Frog has and knows a whole lot about. We even offer walk-in units as well, which can provide tons of storage of cooked and uncooked products. When you get a walk-in unit, you want to make sure that… Read More

Used Turbo Air Refrigeration Units Available

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment works hard to bring you some incredible used equipment and other incredible deals as well. We just brought in some used Turbo Air refrigeration units, a freezer and refrigerator. Here are the quick facts on those items: Turbo Air TSR-49SD Refrigerator: -Dimensions: 77.9 inches high, 54.4 inches wide, 30.8 deep… Read More

The Rational CM101G Combi Oven

We have a variety of used equipment available at One Fat Frog for just about every type of restaurant operation. With a busy kitchen, having a singular oven that can cook a variety of items can be the make-or-break item to help your restaurant’s cooking operation work well. We have an item that is quite… Read More

Several Used True TSSU Prep Tables Available

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a warehouse full of used equipment. As many are now aware, we are preparing to move into a larger warehouse facility, and while we will have more room to work and store items, we want to take as little over as possible. Among our very full warehouse, we have… Read More

Southbend Marathoner Gold Convection Oven

One Fat Frog is always offering up amazing deals so that restaurants can get the quality used equipment they need. Right now, we are offering a liquidation sale on used convection ovens, including a Southbend Marathoner Gold convection oven. Here is some information on this particular convection oven: -This oven, like any Southbend oven, is… Read More

Just Off the Truck: Ascend JFD-48R Two-Door Cooler

One Fat Frog constantly has used restaurant equipment arriving at our warehouse. Among a recent drop-off, we picked up a used Ascend JFD-48R two-door commercial cooler. Here are some specifications of this unit: -Dimensions: 53.5 inches wide, 32 inches deep, 81.8 inches high -Power Output: 115 volts, 8.9 amps with 1/2 horsepower compressor -Refrigerant: CFC-free… Read More

Spec Sheet: Vulcan “Snorkel” Convection Ovens

In a previous post, you can learn the reasons why convection ovens are quite popular, which is why we at One Fat Frog want to find the best deals on convection ovens and pass them along. Right now, we have a used Vulcan “Snorkel” convection oven available in our warehouse. Here are the specifications for… Read More

Spec Sheet: Lowe Brio 130 Hot Display Case

We at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are always getting great pieces of used equipment into our warehouse. It’s a gift and a curse right now; we are getting ready to move to a new facility, so we want to quickly send items out as best as we can. One item that just arrived is… Read More

Spec Sheet: Randell 40048A Display Case

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has one goal: to help your food service business find the best used equipment it needs to flourish. Right now, we have a used Randell 40048A countertop display case available, and here are the specifications of this item for a business that is interested in adding it to their operation.… Read More

Spec Sheet: Star Ultra-Max UM 1850 Conveyor Oven

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has one purpose: to get you the best deals on the best quality used restaurant equipment. When something comes in, we want to tell you about it. We just got in a used Star Ultra-Max UM 1850 conveyor oven. Here are some specifications on this unit: -Dimensions: 50 inches wide,… Read More

Basics of Restaurant Seating

We at One Fat Frog try to help with all sorts of elements of running your restaurant. One of the most commonly forgotten areas is seating for your restaurant. Here are some basic types of seating that you can choose from for your restaurant: Standard Tables and Chairs: There are lots of advantages to doing… Read More

New Blue Air Pizza Prep Table In Our Warehouse

We at One Fat Frog are always excited to offer the best used restaurant equipment around, but when we can offer the best new equipment too, we get even more excited. With the new Blue Air pizza prep table we have available, we are happy to offer you a chance to get a great deal… Read More

Several True 60″ and 72″ Sandwich Prep Tables Available

We at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment work hard to get you some great used equipment for some amazing prices. Among the items in our warehouse includes a whole lot of True sandwich prep tables. The featured models we have are the TSSU-60-16-DS-ST and TSSU-72-30M-B-DS-ST. The latter model is also a megatop prep table. Below… Read More

NEW Kelvinator KCST48-12 Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables Available

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have the great pleasure of offering our customers the best used restaurant equipment in the area. Of course, every now and then, we have the even greater pleasure of offering a new item at a price you wouldn’t pay anywhere else. And that time is now with a… Read More

Quick Rundown of a Refrigerated Prep Table

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we are lucky to get a lot of great used and occasionally new equipment. We recently had several used and some new prep tables arrive to our warehouse. These come from top brands like True, Beverage Air, and Delfield. Here is a basic breakdown of what you’ll get from… Read More

Spec Sheet: Cleveland Double Stack Steamer

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is always happy to offer quality used products at amazing prices. One such item we’d like to highlight is a Cleveland 24CGP10 Double Stack Steamer. Below are the specifications for this item. Dimensions: 65.44 inches high, 34.94 inches deep, 24 inches wide Heat: 240,000 BTU Other Features: two compartments that… Read More

Spec Sheet: Vulcan Double Stack Convection Oven

We at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are always excited to have great pieces of used restaurant equipment that we can offer our customers. One such item that we have is a used Vulcan double stack convection oven. Convection ovens already cook food faster than conventional ovens, so having this double stack oven with two… Read More

Cafe Equipment Breakdown

One of the most popular and profitable food service businesses that one can open is a cafe. Cafes are popular simply because customers are looking for a place to get a quick cup of coffee or a place to sit down to relax while getting some work done. If you are considering opening up a… Read More

Types of Refrigeration Units

Everyone knows that restaurants need refrigerators. The question is what kinds of refrigerators are available and what kind of businesses are they used for. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of refrigerators. -Undercounter: fits underneath a counter, saving floor space. They can range width from 24 inches up to 70 inches if… Read More